The Retrogressiveness of Zoning.

Zoning which since it was silently and slowly ushered into Anambra politics has been used in retrogressive manner by major political actors which they used to attain and achieve their political benefits.

The unofficial principle of zoning has continue to pose serious threat to political development and has contributed to political dilemma in Anambra which dated back to 1999 administration of H.E. Chimaroke Mbadinuju and under the current administration; Gov. Willie Obiano who the majority have attested they failed Ndi-Anambra.

The time ends now. The era of picking candidates based on zone which has been causing us political dilemma has come to an end. It is glaring and acceptable that zoning is retrogressive and shouldn’t be encourage again in Anambra political setting. Masses should be allowed to vote candidates who have demonstrated leadership qualities and have shown they can perform if voted.

What masses cares for now is what a candidate can offer that other people have not been able to offer before. What is the new thing that you are bringing to the table? And if you just come and start blabbing, everybody will know that you are not prepared for office.

The above was were Ndi-Anambra were couped in 2013, introducing H.E. Willie Obiano into Governance as a stooge. The poor performance, political unrest and marginalization been witnessed under Gov. Obiano’s administration calls for serious examination, but inorder to determine the political development in Anambra, it is necessary to shun the RECENT NOISE OF ZONING.

Those calling for zoning of political office of Anambra Governorship 2017 are undermocratic and promoters of retrogressive state. With due respect to my colleagues from the ruling All Progressive Grand Alliance APGA, in the past, some people believe that the power sharing is their birthright, that assumption was wrong and should totally be condemned. It was a coup, and the whole Ndi-Anambra has slept through it, no problem but as it concerns 2017 Anambra Governorship poll, it can’t work.

Zoning isn’t part of our Anambra political leanings. The advocates are just deceiving us. If a particular party such as ruling factional All Progressive Grand Alliance APGA decides to retain Gov. Willie M. Obiano based on zoning arrangement, it does not mean other parties should tow that line. It’s not an emotional thing, it’s not a sympathy thing, we are not running one party system or even a two party system. Everyone must go to the poll, voters must vote based on leadership quality.

There is every tendency that the principle of zoning will erode meritocracy on which political development is hinged and it was proven in H.E. Mbadinuju and Willie’s tenure. This has created problem as political leaders who pose as god-fathers, king-makers and chauvinist install candidates who were/are easily manipulated.

Hon. Emeka Nwoye,
Writes from Awka.