In case you missed that speech by Peter Obi – See video...

In case you missed that speech by Peter Obi – See video here


He is worth worshiping:

Na eziokwu, this man, Mr. Peter Obi’s speech will stand the taste of time. I never knew this man was such a saint…only a demon in the name of politician will not be touched by this wonderful appeal of mind.

Many call it expose but i call it Appeal and Guideline in disguise..if not, what will a man who used to drive 1 car before do with 25 sophisticated vehicles in the name of Governor?

If not, why will someone be earning N2billion monthly for causing confusion in the name of first lady of a state?

If not, why will someone have governors lodge in almost all the states in Nigeria when he is not living their?

If not, why will someone in the name of governor have over 15 divers in a state he lives not?

If not, why will someone be paying N30,000 for a meal while a buffer in Sharaton cost N5000 or less?

If not, why will someone drink a bottle champagne for N500.000 and N400,000 respectively and still come back to say there is no money to pay salary when he is aware that N500,000 can pay for 25 workers at N20,000 each?

If not, why will a governor with just 1 invitation attend to his invitation with over 100 uninvited delegates thereby misusing the fund meant for infrastructural development of the state?

Umunnem, if not, can we ever get it right in Nigeria? The time is now…Hear Obi as he speaks:

“You may be wondering how possible all this can be achieved, my brother i was a governor” ~ Peter Obi.

“Before leaving the office, i saved N75billion as Anambra State Governor and if anybody doubts it, call me and i will show you were i kept it because i saved and preserved it were it is” ~ Peter Obi.

“The $155million i saved in Diamond bank Nigeria would have generated over $185million if let be in the bank till date” ~ Peter Obi.

“My dear youths, this is our destiny they are toiling with and you must take it back…stand up now and reclaim what belongs to you. Go to local governments and ask question on how the allocations are being used” ~ Peter Obi.

“The over N200million and N480million budgeted for the repair of the burnt government house and the renovation of governors lodge respectively before i came into office was finally brought down to a N100 and something million for all at last” ~ Peter Obi.

“The furniture used during my time as the governor of Anambra State was the abandoned one and i made sure a specialist from Anambra State fixed it and not the normal OYIBO scam” ~ Peter Obi.

“Sometimes when my wife try to let me know that lots of people are not happy with me, i let her know that i am never here to make people happy but to take the right decision…there are specialties in the entertainment industry whose job is to make people happy” ~ Peter Obi.

“Government House is not a place to drink champagne” ~ Peter Obi.

The truth is that i cannot say it all…Obi is truly an ORACLE and he just bought my mind.

I just pray some mischief in the name of aids to some state government will not try to reply this speech and avoid indirect call for resignation of their boss.

Its better they sit-up and adjust in their dealings with human maka na uwa na eme ntughari.

Only if we will get it right!

Ndi-anambra Oginidi
Awka, Anambra State.