For centuries and years back, writers, editors and authors alike have experimented with forms that completely evoke the imperfection of thought, the inconstancy of human affairs, and the chastening passage of time. But as blogging evolves as a literary form, and as a form legitimately accepted as one means of communication and discuss, it is generating a new and quintessentially post-modern idiom that is enabling writers, authors and editors to express themselves in ways that have never been seen or understood before. The truth remains that the interaction blogging enables between the writer and reader is highly unprecedented. And make no mistake: it heralds a golden era for journalism and the communications art world. The word blog is a conflation of two words: Web and log. It contains in its four letters a concise and accurate self-description: it is a log of thoughts and piece of writing made or posted publicly on the World Wide Web or otherwise the Internet. The Web log soon became the word blog.

Princes Moses Media is an establishment that publishes the blog: which specializes, in writing multicultural celebrities news, entertainments, sports, and events blog website. It is founded by no other person than our amiable, energetic and core professional author and publisher, Princess Linda Moses.

Princess Linda Moses is a sexy pretty blogger, with lots of courage and ambition. She is also an accountant and a professional nurse. She is of Nigerian-American nationality; known not just for her blogging skills, but also for been a smart, focused and caring lady.

Linda, hails from Imo state, south east Nigeria and was born into the royal family of HRH Eze Moses. Her mother Charity, camefrom Owerri Imo State, but born in Lagos Nigeria while her father, HRH Eze Moses, was born and raised in Spain Madrid thus giving Linda, her distinct classic look and well-behaved attributes. Princess Linda is a world class lady, who has very excellent attributes and skills of multi-tasking. She is an accountant, a practicing nurse in the field of health care, an author, editor and publisher of one of the biggest, better read and followed blog site in the US and the world. Her multi-tasking skills are second to none and have been adjudged to be legendary. Princess Linda Moses, is married and blessed with a beautiful daughter named: Chelsea.

Princes Moses Media started her blogging profession in the year 2014 and began publishing the blog site Ever since then, the site has been able to record more then 50 and close to 100 articles daily on the areas it has expertise on. It is a very good and interesting site where readers can find what they desire in entertainment, events, celebrities, gossip and news and that is more reason why we at Princess Moses Media deem it fit to showcase this educative and journalistic master-piece to the entire world. It is highly awesome and has all it takes to make ones day so delightful.

Another thing that puts Princess Moses Media and her blog site at advantage and positions it for people’s benefit is in the different areas of her operational services. Princess Moses Media offers services like advertising, media consultancy and news. Our advertisement corner is very unique and because of the high traffic and patronage we are getting from readers across the world, any company, organization or commercial establishment that puts up her products on our site, is sure to have people, and would-be customers calling and buying. This traffic has been one thing we have an edge over others in the same business of blogging. We therefore, encourage our readers and establishments to utilize this traffic to improve upon their revenues. The other area is the media consulting. Princess Moses Media has expertise in media consulting. Establishments who have needs to do marketing research and other media researches are at liberty to get the services of Princess Moses Media. The company has authors, field workers and content managers both in the US, Africa and across the globe. These employees are online 24/7 and we have lots of researches and articles on various and numerous media challenges which are solutions to challenges of most businesses.

Princess Moses Media, the publishers of the blog site has her head office in the US, and also maintains an office in Lagos, Nigeria. Princess Moses Media welcomes all and sundry into her offices as she is ever ready to take up business challenges from clients starting from the scratch to finish. We build businesses for our clients using our writing, media consulting and our advertising skills.

However, to know more about Princess Moses Media blog, go to or follow our publisher Princess Linda Moses on her several social media page platforms which includes and not limited to: Facebook: Princess Moses Media, Twitter: Princessmoses_L and Instagram: Princess Moses media.

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