Gov. Umahi Unfair to Late Senator Offia Nwali ~ Son

Gov. Umahi Unfair to Late Senator Offia Nwali ~ Son


In less than one hundred hours to the burial of one of the founding fathers of Ebonyi state and the Senator that represented Abakaliki senatorial district in the old Anambra state, Senator Dr. Offia Nwali, the eldest son of late, Mr. Oguzorkanu Emmanuel Nwali has accused the Ebonyi State government of having fought his father when he was alive and still fight the elder statesman at death, noting that the state government under the leadership of His Excellency, Engr. Dave
Umuahi has demonstrated government’s relentless war against his father by releasing what he described as chicken change for the burial of the elder statesman.

Making his mind known while interacting with at his Ameka Ezza country home, the eldest son of the deceased Senator faulted the move to bury his in his compound and hold the reception at Ezzama (another community), the move he said is a way to discreet their late father.

Wondering that despite his father’s immeasurable contributions towards the
creation of Ebonyi State in 1996, the state government only budgeted N10m for the burial of the deceased parliamentarian, Oguzorkanu alleged that the said amount set aside for their father’s burial by the state government was only removed from the state treasurer, aimed at settling the Governor’s political touts.

“Ordinarily, how can Ebonyi state government brought out chicken change of N10m, claiming that it was meant for the burial of a man who was at the forefront of the creation of Ebonyi state in 1996, that showed a topical example that the state government fought our father when he was alive and still fighting him now that he is dead?

“In ridiculing the entire issue, the Governor set the committee without including the people from my father’s immediate friends or those he mentored politically, rather, he appointed a political clergyman to organize a burial a known traditionalist who attended Church only on political meetings.

“I have taken my time and studied what the committee set by the state government is doing towards the burial arraignment of our late father particularly the disbursement of the N10m brought by the state government only to discoverer that what they are doing is nothing but window dressing.

“Imagine where our late father will be buried at Ameka, our hometown and the reception will take place at Ezzama, a different community, is that not a mockery to the late Senator and the rest members of his family? Oguzorkanu queried

Throwing more light on the disbursement of the already released N10m budgeted by the Ebonyi state government, the eldest son of the deceased Senator said; “The committee chairman who was never close with our father came on the order of the government that has fought and still fighting our father to chair the committee.

“Could you imagine that the committee only gave our family only N200,000.00 for the entertainment of our guest, N2.2m for works committee, over N2m for committee’s entertainment committee, N1.2m for entertainment at Government House, N600,000.00 for liturgies (priests that will celebratae mass), is that justify? It is a scam and absolutely no sense”, he said.