Ipob Is Not A Terrorist Group ~ Us Government

Ipob Is Not A Terrorist Group ~ Us Government


We don't see IPOB as terrorist Organisation – US Government

This struggle to correct the gross mistake of our Governors is going to be a long lonely journey, but I have elected to go through it, if possible alone. I have no personal beef with any governor. However, they must understand that the people's interest must be paramount.

As we all know, Nigeria practices democracy. In a democratic setting, the power lies with the people and not those elected to manage the affairs for the people. Therefore, for any decision that opinion conflicts, a town hall meeting must be set up to extract the views of the people. State assembly views may not be enough in such occasion. This is where our governors failed and must be called out. In proscribing IPOB, our governors exercised their powers in a cruel and oppressive way. They exhibited a weak understanding of modern-day democratic tenets and should be corrected to avoid any future dangerous decision they may embark upon.

I understand that most Governors prefer Yes Sirs as followers instead of men that would correct their oversights. I understand! But, since the proscription, I have tried to dissect the uniformity of their decisions to make sense of it, all to no avail. If Gov Okezie of Abia state felt that the activities of IPOB were grounding his state and making it a flashpoint due to the close proximity of Govt house Umuahia to Nnamdi Kanu's house, what is the excuse of his colleagues in Anambra, Imo, Enugu, and Ebonyi State?

It is also important to ask another serious question: did Gov Okezie for once invite Nnamdi Kanu to Govt House Umuahia and ask him to tone his utterances down? No! Did Gov Ikpeazu in his capacity as Governor of Abia state make any statement that Nnamdi Kanu's activities are becoming unbearable to press or elders of Umuahia/Abia and those informed asked Nnamdi to reduce his speeches/activities? No! Did Gov of Abia state even try to visit Nnamdi Kanu when he was incarcerated in prison or his home afterward, No! I put it to you that Gov Ikpeazu failed woefully in the manner at which he managed the activities of IPOB. He did not show humility as a leader, rather he towed the part of pomposity.

Before we all get this twisted, I have no personal beef with Gov Ikpeazu. Those that know would remember I fought imaginary enemies to campaign for him in 2015 in my little capacity. I so much believe in his ability to turn Abia State around. A fit he achieved from information gathered. But in handling IPOB activities, he exhibited gross insensitivity towards the plight of those who look up to him as the people's governor. Gov Ikpeazu has no excuse at all to support or even initiate the proscription of IPOB because if they were a threat to him, he would have invited Nnamdi Kanu to government house and dialogue with him. Instead of doing things that would make the marginalized Igbos happy, he resolved to make his friends up north happy all in the bid to be selected as the Vice President in 2019.

In case you don't know, all the governor's of South-East sold out because they all are seeking for a Vice President slot in 2019. And for you to qualify, you must position yourself as one that supports the indivisibility of Nigeria.