Latter to President. Vladimir Putin

Latter to President. Vladimir Putin


My name is Agujiegbe Charles .J. Mbajito , (IPOB Russian National Coordinator) and I am originally from Biafra, a nation that existed for centuries before the invasion of Africa by the British, and which is currently under occupation by a pro-Islamic country called Nigeria. As you are aware, a nation evolves organically
and is built and sustained on a common value system.

In 1914, the British government, through a mercenary soldier called Frederick Lugard, forcefully amalgamated three nations that have diametrically opposing value systems and called the entity NIGERIA. The amalgamated nations are AREWA, ODUDUWA, and BIAFRA. Arewa with 100% Muslim population is a feudal society. Oduduwa with a 50% split in Christian/Muslim population has a monarchical system of governance.

My beloved Biafra has 100% Christian population with a republican (belief in democracy) value system and has its roots to the tribe of Ephraim in the old Kingdom of Israel.

From the outset of the forced amalgamation, Biafrans have been selectively mapped out for annihilation because of their Christian principles and belief in the equality of everyone created by God. From June 22nd, 1945 till date, millions of Biafrans have been massacred by the Islamic Northern Nigeria.

As a result of the senseless killing of Biafrans particularly in July 1966, the people decided to defend themselves and opted out of the unholy alliance called Nigeria. The Federal Government of Nigeria declared war on Biafra and between 1967 and 1970, more than 3.5 million Biafrans were massacred, most of them women and children who died by

This was how President Nixon put it:

“Until now efforts to relieve the Biafran people have been thwarted by the desire of the central government of Nigeria to pursue total and unconditional victory and by the fear of the Ibo people that surrender means wholesale atrocities and genocide.

But genocide is what is taking place right now – and starvation is the grim reaper. This is not the time to stand on ceremony, or to go through channels or to observe the diplomatic niceties. The destruction of an entire people is an immoral objective even in the most moral of wars. It can never be justified; it can never be condoned.”………..President Richard Nixon, September 9, 1968.

This genocide was only second to the Jewish Holocaust. Between 1970 and 201 6 more millions of Biafrans have been killed by the Islamic Jihadist, the recent being the Boko Haram Terrorist group. The group’s simple mission is to forcefully Islamize everyone within that entity called Nigeria. The resources in Biafraland have been plundered by Nigerian Government Officials.

Biafraland is home to all the natural resources yet the good citizens of Biafra are impoverished and many are living as illegal immigrants all over the world because the home front is not conducive for them. Biafrans want to be free to grow their economy and to worship their God as the good Christians that they are. I strongly believe that you are in a unique position to help Biafrans to be free. Biafrans are simply requesting you to speak out on their behalf and talk to others about the plights of Biafrans and need to help them to be free.

1. To free the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and other Biafrans arbitrarily hounded and held captive by Buhari’s security operatives;

2. For the unconditional, nonnegotiable, and irreducible restoration of Biafra’s independence. Biafrans are not asking the USA to send boots on the ground but to use her clout in the United Nations to support the independence of Biafra. I have attached some documents and electronic information for a better understanding of whom Biafrans are and their plights.

Feel free to contact me for more information and you may also want to visit the website;

Yours sincerely,
Agujiegbe Charles .J. Mbajito
IPOB Russian National Coordinator