Our DPO Is Harassing Sexually ~ Female Officers Cries Out


…Sexual Harassment: Female Police Officers Call For DPO’s Redeployment.

ANAMBRA: Some of the female police officers serving in Obosi Police Division, Anambra State Police Command has called for the immediate redeployment of their Divisional Police Officer(DPO), SP Ibrahim Usman Oboshi for allegedly harassing some of them sexaully inside his office while those who refused to yiled to the antics of the DPO, according them are allegedly placed on impunity posting.

On behalf of some of the aggrieved female officers in the said police station, one who spoke to our roving reporter under the condition of anonymous alleged that their Divisional Police Officer had vowed to bed virtually all the female officers including those who are nursing mothers, therefore having allegedly turned his office into brotel.

Urging the State Commissioner of Police, CP Garba Umar to save them from the hands of the accused Hi-goat DPO, one of the female police officers still under the condition of anonymous alleged that the DPO on assumption of office started making love advance with her but when she turned the offer, the DPO vowed to frustrate her and since then till now, she said she knew no peace in the place of her legitimate assignment.

“Our DPO is trying to bed virtually all the female police officers serving in this Division despite the fact that he is in love with one of the newly recruited female police officer (name withheld) even to the knowledge of everybody. The new recruit even dates the DPO inside his office at his will.

“The junior female police officer is today handling our DPO as her toy. She is the one directing the affairs of the Division even as she has taken over the functions of the Divisional Crime Officer(DCO) (investigation wise). Apart from taking over the functions of the DCO, she dictates who is to investigate case and who is not to investigate case, not minding her inexperience in police duties but thank God that Obosi police station is nolonger what it used to be crime wise”, the female police officer noted.

Revealing that some of the female police officers serving in the said Division who are not comfortable with the alleged actions of SP Ibrahim Usman Oboshi may likely seek for redeployment should the State Commissioner Police fails to harken to their appeal, the female officers through their spokesperson also alleged that the accused randy DPO is ever ready to go any length in making sure he sees the nakedness of all the women serving under him.

Reacting when contacted, the embattled Divisional Police Officer(DPO) dismissed the allegation, describing it as the handiwork of those who never wanted his face as the DPO of the Division even as he challenged any person(s) laying the allegation to come open and prove her case.

“My brother (referring to this reporter) love is by choice and not by force. I thank God they never said I raped them. Don’t mind them, you know me as a nononse man as far as police duties are concerned. Those who are making the frivolous allegation are the ones who think they can do anything against the ethics of our job and get away with it and if such a person is punished according to her offence, she will be talking nonsense.

“Am married with children and every female police officer in this Division know my wife and she is more beautiful than all of them.

So what am I going to do with the female police officers serving under me? This is not the first police station I served as DPO, go to Okija and ask of my antecedent and you will come back to compare and contrast what some of the lazy female police officers told you”, SP Ibrahim Usman Oboshi stated under face frowned.¹