Police Seizes Corpse of Murdered Minor In Enugu

Police Seizes Corpse of Murdered Minor In Enugu


*Sergeant Faults IGP over Police Funding

ENUGU: The family of Mr. Boniface Ukwa from Ebiaji in Ezza North Local Government Area of Ebonyi state presently residing at No.14 Link Road, New Heaven, Enugu of Enugu state are in double agony.

One side of the agony, according to sources is as the said family are still mourning the gruesome murder of their-12-year-old son, Olubebube Solomon Ukwa whom the circumstance surrounding his murder is still strange, another side of their pains at heart is the alleged seizure of the corpse of the slain minor by the Enugu State Police Command for almost a year now. (May 29, 2016- till date)

Investigation conducted by thetrumpetngr.com has revealed that on May 29, 2016, Master Oluebube Solomon Ukwa who was in primary five at New Heaven Primary School, Enugu before his dear life was wickedly snatched from him through a bullet from prohibited firearm (Pump Action Gun) owned by a wealthy man from Anambra state struck Olubube down in their compound at Link Road, Enugu.

It was gathered that on the sad day for the family of Mr. Boniface Ukwa, Master Olubube was playing in where his parents resides only to hear gun shot from the opposite direction of where he was and before the little boy could know what had happened, he had already fell on the ground screaming for who to help him.

On hearing his cry, his elder brothers that were around wisely followed the direction the bullet came and discovered that it came from their next compound belonging to Eddy Motors Nigeria Limited.

On inquiry, the owner of the compound as well as the prohibited firearm (Eddy Motors) proudly told master Olubube brothers that another minor living with him was the one that took the said Pump Action gun and shot their brother down but before they could rush the victim to hospital, he was already dead.

Having known what he did, Eddy Motors allegedly absconded to avoid police arrest while the police at New Heaven Police Station apprehended Nanna and detained him for days before transferring him and the case file to the Homicide Section, State Criminal Investigation Department(SCID), Enugu State Police Command.

It was authoritatively gathered that the matter was first reported at New Heaven Police Station and later transferred to Homicide Section, Nigeria Police Force, Enugu state Police Command for investigation where the Investigation Police Officer, one Sergeant Ifeanyi was directed to investigate the crime committed against the state.

During his investigation which later turned shabby as thetrumpetngr.com learned, Sgt. Ifeany took over the case file from New Heaven Police Station, including a-7–year-old one Master Nanna, whom Eddy Motors presented in his defence as the one that shot and killed master Olebube Solomon Ukwa.

Sadly, instead of the Enugu State Police Command to do the needful on their investigation, the little master Nanna was allegedly detained for over four months and when the pressure mounted by human rights group became much on the side of the police, they went out for Eddy Motors and got him arrested.

But for the fact that the parents of the slain boy was not buoyant financially, having been unable to fund their case in the hands of the Investigation Police Officer, IPO, Eddy Motors took upper hands as the matter turned out to be on the highest bidder, therefore making way for Eddy Motors to allegedly bought his freedom and that of the minor he presented in the hands of the Homicide Section of the Nigeria Police, Enugu State Police Command.

In order to cover up what they suspected to have gotten from the family of the victim that are not financially standard, the police, it was gathered had advised the parents of Nanna to seek for the release of their Nanna through the human rights group and the script allegedly written for the suspects’escape in order to swallow down very fat ‘Ghana Must Go Bag’, which allegedly exchanged hands between the police and Eddy Motors materialized as the suspects were taken to Court without even informing the family of the deceased Olubube Solomon Ukwa.

We gathered that master Nanna was granted bail by the court, considering his age of reasoning while Eddy Motors was remanded in Enugu Maximum Prisons just to deceive the family of the deceased family of Mr. Boniface Ukwa.

Within few weeks after his remand, the prime suspect in the heinous crime committed against Enugu state succeeded in buying his freedom as previously designed by the Enugu State Police Command.

Having noted with dismay that the suspected killers of their beloved son were freed without any remorse, Mr. Boniface Ukwa and his wife, then approached the police, demanding for the release of the corpse of the slain boy for burial but instead of the police to have sympathy and compassion on the briefed family, the Investigation Police Officer, IPO allegedly gave them the next shock in their lives through allegedly asking the helpless couple to cough out undisclosed thousands of Naira for the autopsy of the boy killed by their next neighbours.

“Our son was killed by one Eddy Motors and all we did to get justice to this regard was frustrated by Eddy Motors through the police.

Late Master Olubube Solomon Ukwa

“We have noticed with dismay that both Eddy Motors and the small boy accused to have murdered our son are back moving freely on the streets and as people who do not have anybody to speak on their behalf, we have handed everything unto God”, Mrs. Ukwa lamented.

But the IPO, Sgt. Ifeanyi while exchanging views with Journalists who called to ascertain the progress made on the matter, lambasted the Inspector General of Police, Idris for having allegedly fall prey in funding policemen properly, regretting that the members of the public have always blamed the rank and file on any monterey demand(s) they make in the course of investigating any matter brought before them.

Handing down the outcome of his investigation to newsmen, Sergeant Ifeanyi who is currently serving at the State Criminal Investigation Department(SCID), Homicide Section, Enugu State Police Command went further and told the news-hunters while the remains of a-12-old Oluebube Solomon Ukwa said to was shot dead by a minor on May 29, 2016 is yet to be released to his parents for burial, accusing the parents of the deceased of having failed to come forward and fund the autopsy of their son.

Ask whose responsibility it is to fund autopsy if one is killed by anybody, Sergeant Ifeanyi who cornered the Journalists to a joint located at Ogui road Enugu on good Friday, made it known that it is the constitutional duty cum responsibility of the police if the police authorities has seen anything good in funding the force properly.

“It beats my imagination when complainants complains of paying for his or her case file. How do members of the public expect the Investigation Police Officers, IPOs to use their very mega salaries to provide them with stationary for their statements? It is highly impossible because the Inspector General of Police, not even peculiar with the present IGP, his predecessors has behaved same, so complainants should be ready to fund their case(s) or they wait till when the IGP supplies the IPOs with stationery.

” You see, on the case which brought you
people here, it was a case transferred from New Heaven Police Station to Homicide Section and I, singlehandedly sponsored the investigation without either the police nor the parents of the deceased given me a dime.

“As for the autopsy, it is to be sponsored by the parents of the deceased if they want to bury him. For them to wait for the police to conduct the autopsy, the corpse is going to remain in the mortuary perpetually. So my advice is that they should go and bring N56, 000.00 for the official price, another N50, 000 for the pathologists, hence have this, they should come with small amount for me to process the forms”, Sgt. Ifeanyi narrated.

Feeling not satisfied, thetrumpetngr.com contacted the Enugu State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Charles Amaraizu through his GSM and recalled that such matter was handed by his command but denied knowing that the corpse is still in mortuary, pleading that this reporter should come to his office, possibly with the parents of the deceased, including The IPO to dialogue on the next line of action.
We are going to keep you posted as event unfold.