Political Apathy And Constitutional Contradictions


President of Hidden root of Nigeria (HRN), shakes up Nigerians on the state of the nation on an article he tagged…
Political Apathy and Constitutional contradictions!

Both economically and politically, it has become unbearable for the people of Nigeria to sit and get hit by the decisions made in a government being run on the whims of an individual.

It makes me wonder if Nigeria is moving forward or moving backward.

At this juncture I must ask majority of Nigerians who practice political apathy.. what have you gained so far?

The corrupt politicians are not the major problems facing our political landscape, it is the mass number of good people that shy away during elections, that give the moral support to the bad people to win the election, either through rigging, bribery or violence.

Political apathy in Nigeria is the reason we have corrupt politicians because the good people are the majority however, we refuse to participate, claiming that our votes won’t count, at the end of the day… 

We end up with a leader who the minority has elected. 

We end up with a leader who has been elected through odoriferous and not rigorous ways!

It is the people who avoid politics that create the problems in Nigeria, why is that?

Because the leaders cannot put themselves there.

The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not the president or the senators but the voters that voted them in.

Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not a centralized power over us!

The day you chose not to vote is the day you declare your support for corruption.

The day you chose not to vote is the day you join a society of violence and terror!

The day you chose not to vote, is the day you incite a politician with the instinct to do bad!

There’s a difference between corrupt officials and those who made them corrupt officials.

The highest criminal is you who is practicing political apathy because it is as a result of your shyness that they were elected.

I must give a very clear example of the picture I am trying to paint for all to understand.

The big criminal is not he who assassinated a person, it is he who ordered the assassination.

The pain we all are feeling today.

The pain of the recess in the Nigerian economy, is as a result of political apathy.

Everyone must get involved in politics.. Why?

Because in your various fields of work, the policies made by politicians will affect us all.

The day the doctors Go on strike, we all will run knocking on the doors of politicians.

This drags me down to the NotTooYoungToRun bill which many Nigerians are looking forward to.

It is a major contradiction for a country to be able to equip youths from the age of 18-25 with weapons to protect the nation through the military, while they cannot be equipped with pens to protect the nation through governance.

In various subjects in the educational system, our young Nigerians are being taught that at the age of 18 you can vote AND BE VOTED FOR!

They end up engaging in political apathy when they grow to find out that the educational system of Nigeria has misinformed them.

They end up in sadness and bitterness when they discover that the educational system of Nigeria is different from the actual thing being practiced in real life.

We must restructure our educational system!

Is it not a major contradiction for you to be able to vote someone into a position when you cannot stand a chance to be voted in, till you’re 30?

There are many contradictions in the Nigerian constitution and I call on all Nigerians including the government officials to look into this problem.

I have seen a situation where an election primaries was moved to another state due to security reasons which the constitution supported yet, that particular primaries was cancelled and the candidate was disqualified due to another section of the constitution which was against the move.

I’m talking about the case of the current governor of Taraba state Gov Darius Ishaku and Aisha alhassan in 2015 elections.

I have seen a situation where the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria has no provision of a law or solution to the case where an already elected governor died.

The question was, who will succeed the governor?

The deputy yet to be elected or the second runner up which was a major problem of Kogi state in 2015.

There is yet another situation, where the constitution provides that the president nominates the candidate who will head an agency.

The same constitution provided that the senate screens and elects that candidate nominated by the president.

What happens in a situation where the senate rejects the candidate and the president insists on that particular candidate.

The constitution is as clueless as we are currently.

This is the case of president Muhammadu Buhari and the Senate on the issue of electing Magu as the EFCC chairman. 2017

Nigerians must wake up and see the origin of our problems.


I call on Government at all levels and the people of Nigeria to arise and roar for the restructuring of the educational system which is key!

I call on Government at all levels and the people of the country to make a move for the constitutional amendment or even restructure the entire constitution.

I call on Government at all levels and the people of the country to look into the issue of youth inclusion in politics for it is the youths that drive the economy of the nation.

I plead with you all to join this cause for it is not just a moral cause but the prudent thing to do.

-Youth inclusion in politics.

-Termination of political apathy.

-Restructuring the educational system.

-And a total review on our constitution.

These are Ideals for which I am prepared to die.

That should be the case of every other Nigerian reading this today.

I will end with the words of Martin Luther (Jnr) who has inspired many when it comes to politics.

“In the end, we shall remember, not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”

As I have spoken today, I mandate you to speak from today till these Ideals are enacted.

For the voice of the people is the voice of God

Vox populi vox dei!
Advocating for the people under All existing protocols,

I still remain
Eze Munachino Obinna

President (HRN)

Chairman (NRC)

Minister for special duties (SCN)