Is the most trusted and safest Nigerian marketplace. Is the most trusted and safest Nigerian marketplace.

SHARE is the safest and the most trusted marketplace in Nigeria, South Africa, other African countries and USA has shared some interesting facts about scammers and about unique security measures implemented on in order to protect users.

According to CEO Christabel Ijelennaya, most of local classified players have standard safety measures, like possibility to report a scam or rate a user; safety tips visible for all visitors, etc. But reality shows that such measures are far from enough – it’s necessary to implement much more tools specifically adopted for Nigerian market to ensure appropriate level of security. And is right on the leading edge in this specific area.

“Our priority is to block scam adverts BEFORE they become visible to our visitors; someone gets scammed, loses money and reports it for us. Not just play, you inform us, we react game. Such simple things as possibility to report ads won’t help here”~ Says CEO of

In order to achieve this goal, has really impressive arsenal of safety measures:

1. has a dedicated and well trained quality control team which reviews every single advert manually before launching it live. I can confirm that up to 30% of our classifieds are removed during quality check because of clear scam signals, BEFORE they become visible to our visitors. I can only imagine how big are scam volumes on platforms which do not perform any advanced security measures.

2. has a special automated algorithms identifying scammy behavior. You might be surprised but 90% of scammers have the same specific behavior patterns on our platform and in many cases we can say a person is doing or going to do some illegal activities even before seeing the content of his or her classifieds.

3. has a unique SQQGuards program. As is a social marketplace, it leverages social element to ensure security. Some time ago we have activated SQQguards program, allowing our members participating in this program to search for scammers, report them and get reward for it. Almost 1/3 of our users has joined this program, so when someone asks how many people are working on scammers control, I joke that over 1 million safety employees. This is an amount of registered members who joined SQQGuards program.

4. SELLQUICKQUICK.comOffline teams. According to CEO of, some classifieds categories are extremely sensitive and popular between fraudsters in Nigeria car classifieds would be a good example here. This category of classifieds gets approximately 3 times more scammy classifieds in comparison with other categories. To ensure users are getting only trusted content, cooperates with big part of trusted car dealers and is sending offline teams to collect cars classifieds in the biggest local marketplaces. You can buy cars from trusted dealers across all Nigeria HERE.

5. has an internal rating system allowing buyers to rate sellers and report suspicious/illegal activities 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
All users suspended on for illegal activities stay suspended forever.

In other boards of classifieds, even after ban scammers usually have an opportunity to register again. They just need to create new mailbox for that. And went extra mile here. is tracking phone numbers of scammers. So once scammer is identified, he or she won’t be able to cheat on with the same phone number. And changing phone numbers is not so easy & cheap like registering new mailboxes.

6. has a phone safety hotline allowing reporting any issues immediately and get live advice or support: CEO “Christabel Ijelennaya” says that quality and safety are top priority things on

We always try to ensure that only honest, real people are buying and selling on our site and we help them to do this more comfortably. ~ Christabel Added. is the most trusted social marketplace allowing buy, sell and swap stuff with trusted people. Website has more than 2 million active Nigerian members who posting thousands of classifieds every day.