Sen. Dino Melaye, Awarded The “Legislator Of The Year”.

Sen. Dino Melaye, Awarded The “Legislator Of The Year”.

In the 109 –member Senate, Dino Melaye, the reprsentaive of Kogi East Senatorial District stands tall among his  colleagues for the fact of his contributions to law making, the primary function of the legislative houses.

Senator Dino as he is popularly known, has clearly emerged  as legislative icon, whose contributions on the floor  bear testimony to his background as an activist, social and anti-corruption crusader.

“Trust him, there is no complacency in his dictionary. He is always up and doing regarding the task for which he was elected since 2015. He is very vocal on all issues of good governance, anti-coruption and ultimately pro-masses matters on the floor of the Senate and outside the hallowed chamber” a public affairs commentator recently wrote about the Legislator.

“Love him or hate him for his style, he doesn’t pretend. He says it the way it is no matter whose ox is gored. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most vocal lawmakers in Nigeria today and he is not given to frivolities.

He is the only Senator who has openly rejected the appellation of ‘Distinguished’ with a firm belief that no Senator is distinguished as the legislative protocol demands until all Nigerians are distinguished in their day-to-day living” wrote the commentator.

Senator Melaye has since coming to the National Assembly sponsored 15 Bills   and many Motions most of them aimed at   addressing maters of national concern.

One of the bills – the Anti-Jungle Justice Bill 2015 (SB. 109) was recently passed into law and awaiting presidential assent. The Bill essentially seeks to address the menace of jungle justice which is prevalent in the country today.

Another Bill he sponsored is the Federal University of Agriculture Kabba (Establishment, etc) Bill 2016 (SB. 402) which has already passed the Second Reading stage. The public hearing to the Bill has been completed and a report by a relevant committee of the Senate will soon be presented to the floor for the eventual passage  of the Bill into law.

For leading in the discharge of the Senate’s primary function of law-making as the Senator with the highest number of Bills in the year 2017, the Editorial Board of DAILY ASSET FOUND Senator Dino Melaye worthy for the award of LEGISLATOR OF THE YEAR 2017.