Yesterday was 9/11, It’s still & ever fresh in my memory, how the singular dastardly act of brigandage in the US of A, on September 11th 2001(9/11) brought to an end,the then Triennial World Disc -Jockey Slam (World DJ Competition, that drew all Broadcast Radio Tv OAPs,including Club DJs from across the Globe,together, to display individual skills & outwit each other,in America).

I had emerged Africa’s Best & World No 3,hence the tittle of Africa’s Nô 1 DJ, in 1995,in Motel De Rue, Chicago Illinois USA.B4 the Contest, my Radio Pseudonym, was “Home Boy in The House”. It was my blend of varied uncommon genres of songs, which kept the hall agog, while still on point with question & answers, that prompted Shante Harris aka DaBrat, while calling me for the final round said “& now,from Africa, let’s re-invite _Prince Emeka Kalu the one with the Magic Fingers.

Every paper echoed it & when I returned Nigeria, I was nicknamed Magic Fingers That victory, tagged my Station ABS,as Africa’s No 1 Station, with a N300m conversion rate to the crown,which Trophy is at the Federal Ministry of Information Abuja, as I was received on behalf of the President, by Dr Walter Ofonagoro, then Honourable Minister of Information.

Because, my then Programs Director, Pete Edochie & MD, Edna Izuora, were slaves to administrative bottle necks,they couldn’t raise the cash for ABS Mgt to join me to the Int’l Conference Center Abuja, for presentation of the Trophy at the Federal Govt’s reception for me,Walter Ofonagoro who saw how little & inexperienced I was, asked me 5times, whether I went as ABS Staff or on independent capacity, I repeatedly responded ABS, so he there & then approved the procurement of a 10 kilowatt Stereophonic FM Transmitter, from the N300m, gave me nothing & the rest of the cash,history till date.

ABS Management was thrown into jubilation, on receiving their first ever Stereo Transmitter, which was installed by an Italian Firm, owned by Ifeanyi Nwokoye (Ide Amawbia).

Three years later (1998),the next edition came up, this time in Beltsville Maryland USA & I was to go defend my tittle with an eye on improvement.

My letter for Govt sponsorship, was on his table unattended to,till I was almost choked. It took my mum’s sponsorship on hearing my predicament from “the general” my bossom friend & ex ABS Colleague, Edozie Madu, now National Chairman, Independent Democrat (ID),for me to make it on deadline day. As Continental Defending Champ & Member of World Top Ten,preliminaries were waved.

To cut a long story short, it was when MTVbase CNN & Nigerian Newspapers,carried the news captioned; Magic Fingers slams to the top that Uwakwe Ukaegbu,Governor of Anambra State at that time,screamed, called for my mail & approved a pre-contest assistance.

Behold, I was crowned World Creative Disc Jockey of the Millennium, thereby retaining the Africa’s No1 status, ending the Millennium. The new Millennium came & 2001 had September 25th for the Triennial Contest, but Osama Bin Laden struck on the 11th, exactly 2weeks to the World Disc-Jockey Slam of the new Millennium, causing an abrupt cancellation & indefinite postponement till date.