Why I want to be Ekiti Governor – Babatunde Alegbeleye.

Why I want to be Ekiti Governor – Babatunde Alegbeleye.


Why I want to be Ekiti Governor – Babatunde Alegbeleye.

Babatunde Oladapo Alegbeleye who is the Chairman of BOA Foundation in Ekiti State, is the Governorship Candidate of the National Democratic Liberty Party (NDLP) for the July 14th 2018 Governorship election in Ekiti State.

Mr. Alegbeleye hails and originated from the Baisaya Compound, Atiba, Uro Quarters in Ikere Ekiti, South Senatorial District, Ekiti State of Nigeria. During his interaction with the group of pressmen in Ado Ekiti, the State Capital, he stated that Ekiti State has been far behind in entrepreneurial development, and promised to Industrialise the State through his knowledge and understanding that Money has to serve and not to rule. He stated further that, he shall democratize access to money; propose tax incentives for qualified manufacturing companies to make our state attractive for businesses if elected by the people of the state.

He also said that, the challenge of Ekiti youths will as well be resolved through sustainable Empowerment, which he has been doing even before his aspiration of becoming Governor of the State, also, by changing our education curriculum, to prepare our youths with skills for employment and to create entrepreneurial opportunities. He also reaffirmed his earlier stand on his plan to invest in Agriculture, which will decrease poverty; increase locally grown foods for the citizens at affordable prices; create related jobs in transportation; supplies; packaging and micro-finance, which will also increase outstanding public services that will improve and enhance a high quality life for all.

When asked why he wants to be Governor of Ekiti State, the only homogenous State in the Country, Mr. Alegbeleye said, he believes that Ekiti State Government needs a structural change to how it delivers the needed services to its citizens. The renowned Leadership expert, Mr. Babatunde Oladapo Alegbeleye, who is the Governorship candidate of NDLP in the July 14th, 2018 Governorship election in Ekiti State, stated further that, the high level of poverty in the State is as a result of a scandal, when the State has so many riches and resources for everyone. He said, both previous and present government have failed the citizens of the State, also goes further that, his case is not about what the State can do for him, rather, it is what he can do for the State.

When asked that why he thinks he is the best man for the Job, the said Governorship Candidate of NDLP affirmed that, every citizen in Ekiti State expects a Governor to champion his or her cause, and he, Babatunde Oladapo Alegbeleye through  his understanding of the yearnings of an average Ekiti people has already prepared for the job. He said further that, he is exited for the opportunity to serve. According to him, his priority is to provide opportunities for the youths, and provide a better life for the senior citizens. While addressing the pressmen, he assured the good  people of the state that, he is bringing his wealth of knowledge and years of experience for
the development of Ekiti, the "Fountain of knowledge, and land of honour." Also promised that, if elected, the citizens can count on his honesty to provide full disclosure and ensure seamless access to all state services, and will ensure transparency in all public spendings and be very vigorous in stemming wasteful expenditures. Alegbeleye described this period in Ekiti State as a challenging period, and asserted that the State deserves and requires someone who is committed and understands how an efficient government works.

The Governorship candidate of NDLP, Mr Alegbeleye appealed to Ekiti electorates to be upright and not to allow Money bags politicians to buy their conscience and later put them into another years of misrule. According to him, it is time for the people of Ekiti State to be liberated from the economy decimation.